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Wednesday, 9/2/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #147, with Site and Date Info for our Space Access '16 conference (April 7-9 2016, at the Radisson Hotel Phoenix North), some thoughts on Congress Returning next week, and a look at SLS, Station, and Commercial Crew Political Incentives.

Thursday, 7/30/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #146, with short takes on an ITAR Comments Deadline Reminder, a New Moon Plan, August Home-District Congressional Lobbying, and our thoughts on being cautious about Mixing Partisan Politics with Space.

Monday, 7/20/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #145, with SpaceX's Preliminary Diagnosis of the recent Falcon 9 loss, plus a quick word on how the SLS Mafia may try to exploit this.

Monday, 7/06/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #144, with an update on the Station supply situation, a few words on what this means for Commercial Crew, plus our thoughts on the latest word from SpaceX .

Thursday, 7/02/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #143, with our take on the effects of Sunday's Commercial Cargo Mission Loss on SpaceX, Station, Commercial Crew, the Commercial Space Industry, and US commercial launch Politics/Policy.

Wednesday, 6/24/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #142, with some news about opposition maneuvering against Commercial Crew plus an urgent alert about Proposed New ITAR Rules that could seriously narrow the current "public domain" exemption to the US technology export regulations. Comments due by August 2nd, if you want to retain your current freedom to discuss potentially dual-use technologies publicly.

Thursday, 6/11/15 - We have a Followup out, with the results of today's Commercial Crew funding action. Short version: No cuts restored yet, but some momentum building - keep pushing!

Wednesday, 6/10/15 - We have an URGENT Alert Followup out. Briefly, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee cut Commercial Crew by another $100 million in this morning's markup. There is a chance this (plus most of the previous House $244 million cut) might be made up in the full Committee markup tomorrow, but it's a long shot. If you're willing to spend ten minutes of your time improving the odds, read this Followup and act.

Monday, 6/8/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #141, with news on how we did last week, plus an Alert on contacting your Senators to support full funding and continued competition for the NASA Commercial Crew program.

Monday 6/1/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #140, with an ASAP-urgent Alert on contacting your Representative to reverse the 20% cut in next year's Commercial Crew program funding.

Sunday 4/26/15 - We've posted our Final Pre-Conference Update for Space Access'15, with the latest near-final schedule plus Travel, Conference Style, and Speakers information. The Radisson still has rooms available, but our online Conference Registration closes after Tuesday. At-Door Registration will open at noon on Thursday April 30th in the Radisson Phoenix North main ballroom lobby, and SA'15 sessions will commence at 1:30 pm sharp. See you there!

Saturday 4/18/15 - We've added a confirmed presentation by Virgin Galactic and posted the detailed SA'15 Conference presentations schedule. Just 12 more days till Space Access'15 begins - book those flights and rooms NOW! April 30th - May 2nd at the Radisson Hotel Phoenix North, 10220 N Metro Parkway E in Phoenix Arizona, with Space Access conference room rates of $99 a night plus tax, rate includes a 25% discount on the hotel full-breakfast buffet. SA'15 registration remains $120 in advance through April 28th, after that $140 at the door, student rate $40 in advance ($50 at the door.) Day rates Thu/Fri/Sat will be $60, $20 student, available at the door only.

Saturday 3/14/15 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #139, with an Early Roundup Of This Year's Space Political Season (including back-figured Commercial Crew seat prices) plus the latest on our upcoming Space Access '15 Conference, Thursday April 30th through Saturday May 2nd in Phoenix.

Monday 3/9/15 - we've made significant agenda additions over the last few days. Frontier, Masten, Moon Express, XL-Space, more to come.

Wednesday 3/4/15 - We now have a preliminary agenda posted for SA'15.

Friday 2/20/15 - We now have a site under contract for Space Access '15, April 30th - May 2nd, Space Access Society's next annual conference on the business, technology, and politics of radically cheaper access to space.

We'll be at the Radisson Hotel Phoenix North, 10220 N Metro Parkway E in Phoenix Arizona, with Space Access conference room rates of $99 a night plus tax, rate includes a 25% discount on the hotel full-breakfast buffet. Click on this link to reserve your room at our rate, or call the Radisson at 602 997-5900 and ask for the "Space Access Conference" rate (good for up to three days before and after our dates.)

SA'15 registration remains $120 in advance ($140 at the door), student rate $40 in advance ($50 at the door.) Day rates Thu/Fri/Sat will be $60/$60/$60, $20/$20/$20 student, available at the door only. You can register in advance by mailing a check, along with your name, email, and desired organization name (if any) for your badge to Space Access '15, PO Box 16034, Phoenix AZ 85011, or register online via Paypal or your credit card.

Click here for more info on SA'15, including how you can help us keep conference prices low for all of us who are still students, hungry amateurs, or tight-budget startup pros. Hope to see you there!

Friday 12/19/14 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #138, with a year-end wrapup on Commercial Crew and Defense Engine Development, a few thoughts on SpaceX's upcoming first-stage recovery test, plus the latest on next spring's Space Access '15 Conference now set for Thursday April 30th through Saturday May 2nd in Phoenix.

Monday 12/8/14 - We have a short Followup to SAU#137, with some recent developments on Commercial Crew Program funding plus the latest on dates for next April's Space Access '15 Conference.

Monday 11/24/14 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #137, with our perspective on the two recent commercial space losses, followup on some Commercial Crew Program issues, good news and some analysis on the engine & launch vehicle front, and the latest on next April's Space Access '15 Conference.

Sunday 7/27/14 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #136, with a brief remembrance of Bill Gaubatz, some thoughts on US space launch development policy, a Halftime Report on 2014 US space politics, and a request for support for what we're doing here at SAS.

Wednesday 6/11/14 - We have another Followup to last week's Alert out, with pointers to mainstream news coverage, a more detailed analysis of Senator Shelby's apparent turf-grab, and the latest on what you can do to help.

Thursday 6/5/14 - We have a Followup to yesterday's Alert out. Thanks for your help! But we didn't get the job done today; there was no mention of changing the bad Commercial Crew language in this morning's CJS Appropriations markup. If you want to know what comes next, plus more background on the problem, here it is.

Wednesday 6/4/14 - We have a new Space Access Political Action Alert out, an urgent short-fuse item requiring action by 9am EDT Thursday. There's poison-pill language that needs to be removed for NASA Commercial Cargo & Crew in the Senate CJS (NASA) Appropriations bill that goes to the full Senate Appropriations Committee for markup at 10 am Thursday.

Tuesday 5/13/14 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #135, with policy advice on a number of current space issues that may hit the fan soon - Russian and Station, RD-180, and SLS - plus some cautious optimism about resuming Space Access conferences.

Tuesday 12/31/13 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #134, with a message of cautious optimism for the new year, plus some less cheerful news about this coming April's planned Space Access '14 conference. We very much regret to announce that, due to circumstances arising that will require a great deal of the conference manager's time in coming months, this April's Space Access conference is cancelled.  We'll be contacting those who paid for advance SA'14 registrations at SA'13 about refunds this week.  (If you haven't heard from us by this weekend, email us at space.access@mindspring.com, with the subject line SA'14 Refund.)

Sunday 8/4/13 - We're coming up fast on the 20th anniversary of DC-X's first flight later this month, and some of the people involved have organized a conference in New Mexico, Friday August 16th through Sunday August 18th, to mark the occasion.  I've volunteered to help out with the conference, and that's what I'm writing to you about today.

Much of the original DC-X team will be there, to be honored and to talk about how they did it, techniques used and lessons learned.  There will also be a look at some of the many things that came of DC-X's success, plus a Reusable Spaceplane X-Vehicles workshop looking to what should come next, as well as a tour of the New Mexico Spaceport.

This is a one-of-a-kind event.  It's very unlikely that all these people will ever be in one place at the same time again.  If you have a deep interest in where "new space" came from, where it is now, and where it should go next, this event is more than worth a trip to New Mexico in August.

Conference agenda and details at

thanks for your time

Henry Vanderbilt
Space Access Society

Tuesday 6/4/13 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #133, with followups on last issue's NASA Budget and Commercial Crew pieces, plus an alert about proposed Inclusion Of Suborbital (and Orbital) Transports On The ITAR Export-Restricted List

Thursday 5/30/13 - We have a new Space Access Update out, #132, with The Sequester, NASA Budget Status (and Fixing The Problem), Commercial Crew: The Budget and The FARs, and Space Access '13 Wrapup

Saturday, 4/20/13 - Space Access '13 Web Roundup - As usual, Clark Lindsey of NewSpace Watch has done an amazing job both covering the conference in detail and rounding up pointers to other coverage. His Space Access'13: Summary and Resources leaves very little out; the only things we can think of so far to add are Jeff Foust's Space Review piece Hacking Space and a pointer to Twitter coverage under the hashtag #sa13 (somewhat confusingly, a couple other events used the same hashtag, but it's pretty clear which are which.)

We have a new Space Access Update out, #131, on the NASA Tech Data Drought, The Race Is Far From Over, Free Advice, and a "Warning Shots" Correction.

We have a new Space Access Update out, #130, "Warning Shots". (This Update gets referenced in a story on Alan Boyle's Cosmic Log at nbcnews.com.)

Space Access Society: Who are we?

There are countless useful, interesting, and profitable things we could do if we had routine affordable access to space. But, as the old down-Maine joke goes, "you can't get there from here." Half a century into the Space Age, it still takes years of paperwork and planning and costs tens to hundreds of millions per mission to reach Earth orbit, drastically constraining the otherwise huge opportunities. It isn't the laws of physics or engineering that are stopping us - there's nothing in either that prevents reusable rockets based on available technology from operating at costs and reliabilities a lot closer to modern airliners than to current rockets. Yet somehow, after all the early promise, we ended up in a blind alley. We've spent a generation there. Enough is enough.

Space Access Society thinks the problem has a lot more to do with political and bureaucratic inertia than with any fundamental engineering obstacles. SAS's sole purpose is to promote routine, reliable, radically cheaper access to space, ASAP. We think it's possible within the decade, with a little luck and a lot of hard work. Welcome to our minimalist retro text-intensive web page, where we'll try to give you a handle on how we think we can get out of the long-time NASA-industrial complex expensive-space dead end. Here's the longer version: Space Access Society Policy Summary (due for an update at some point, but still amazingly relevant for something written eight years ago.)

And here's our Updates backlist, so you can see how our understanding of the problem has evolved over the years:

Space Access Update back issues

SAS has always been more a state of mind than a formal organization. If you believe radically cheaper space access is both hugely important and near-term possible, you're one of us. Pay your dues by doing what you can to advance the cause, as the chance arises.

One of the higher-profile things we do is our annual Space Access conference on the technology, politics, and business of radically cheaper space transportation, featuring leading players in the field. Stand by for information on our next, Space Access '16, coming April 7-9 next spring.

Questions? Email us at: space.access@mindspring.com (We may take a while to get back to you, but your mail does go through.)

Space Access Update Back Issues

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  Full list of back issues available here eventually,
 when we finally dig them off various retired computers...