Space Access Society bulletin, 1/18/02

Looking back on the last year, the most important single event from 
our point of view was the passing of Max Hunter last fall.  He was a 
visionary and an inspiration, and we miss him.  We just got word of 
the memorial service for him (thanks, Don Doughty) and thought we 
should pass it along, even if at the last second, for those who might 
yet be able to take this chance to say goodbye. 

> A celebration of the life of Max Hunter  will be held
> Saturday 2:00PM  (19Jan01)
> at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco
> followed by a reception.
> First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco
> 1187 Franklin Street at Geary
> San Francisco, CA 94109-6893
> Tel: (415) 776-4580
> Link to Map: 

There's a bit more about who Max was and what he did at,9836,606207,00.html 


For those of you wondering where we've been and what we were up to, the 
short answer is, getting years of deferred maintenance and debt at 
least somewhat under control.  

That, and thinking seriously about what is likely to come of the last 
year's many changes, now that most of our warnings over the previous 
decade have matured to I-told-you-so's.  We didn't see a lot of point 
in reporting on the changes as they came; the regular space trade 
press, print and internet, did an adequate job of describing the 
various trees.  Our job is to map the forest as a whole then spot a 
path that might get us out of the woods.   More on that soon. 

We will be running a Space Access conference again this year at the 
usual time, the last weekend in April, Thursday afternoon April 25th 
through Saturday night April 27th, in metro Phoenix, Arizona.  We 
don't have the hotel pinned down yet; we're talking to several, 
including last years (under new ownership with a new name).  More on 
all this when we have it. 

all for tonight

 Henry Vanderbilt
 Executive Director,
 Space Access Society