Space Access '00 Conference, Last-Minute Info 

 - Hotel Rooms 

If you have a room booked at the Holiday Inn Old Town Scottsdale and 
you're arriving late and it's not confirmed for late arrival, call 
them at 800 695-6995 and confirm it - the hotel has been telling 
people it's full for our dates for the last day or so, and we don't 
want you to end up with your room released to someone else. 

If you left booking a room till the last second, don't despair - there 
are nine other hotels within a half-mile.  (It's also worth calling 
our hotel anyway, you never know when a cancellation will come in.)  
We called a number of these nearby hotels today to see if they have 
rooms and to check rates - no guarantees on these rates, they're just 
what they quoted us today.  List follows: 

Rodeway Inn - 7110 E Indian School Rd, 480 946-3456, $59, .3 miles 

Econolodge, 6935 E 5th Ave, 480 994-9461, $59, .6 miles away.

AmeriSuites, 7300 E 3rd Ave, 480 423-9944, $89 corporate rate, .2 
miles away. 

Hampton Inn, 4415 N Civic Center, 480 941-9400, $89, .4 miles away. 

Hilton, 7324 E Indian School Rd, 480 481-0400, $129, .1 mile away. 

Summerfield Suites, 4245 N Civic Center, 480-946-7700, $139 2-bedroom 
suites, .1 mile away. 

Do remember to check the afternoon you arrive for last-second released 
rooms at our hotel - you might end up saving yourself some walking. 

 - Getting There 

Our hotel, the Holiday Inn Old Town, is at 7353 E Indian School Rd in 
Scottsdale, on the southwest corner of Indian School and Civic Center.  
To get there from the Phoenix airport, take the blue "Super Shuttle" 
van, or a cab (prices vary, check the cab door), or if you're driving, 
look for signs to Rt 202 East out of the airport - take 202 about 6-7 
miles east to Rt 101 North.  Take Rt 101 North about 3-4 miles north 
to the Indian School Rd exit.  Turn left under the freeway onto Indian 
School Rd westbound, for roughly two miles, across Hayden, across 
Miller, and just after Miller take a left at the light onto Civic 
Center and then an immediate right into the Holiday Inn parking lot.  
If you get to Scottsdale Rd, you've gone past Civic Center. 

 - Paying For Conference Registration 

We have to receive pre-registration checks ($100 rate) at 4855 E 
Warner Rd #24-150, Phoenix AZ 85044 by Wednesday 4/26/00 to guarantee 
they'll be processed in time.  The at-the-door rate is $120, day rates 
$20/$60/$60 Thu/Fri/Sat (Student rate $30, $5/$20/$20 day, at-the-door 
only) and, alas, we are not set up to handle credit cards.  We will 
gladly accept personal checks, or there's a cash machine in the hotel 
lobby just upstairs from our registration table.  We apologize for any 

 - Weather

Current forecasts for our weekend are for (very) dry and sunny, 
afternoon highs in the nineties, night lows around seventy, and 
sunburn index high - bring summer clothes, and if you plan daytime 
walks of more than a few minutes, a hat and long loose sleeves or 
sunblock could save you some sunburn - ten minutes can get a good burn 
started under the noonday sun when it's this clear.  

 - Our Schedule 

                 Space Access 2000 Conference Schedule 
         4/24/00 - Subject To Change, But This Is Pretty Solid 

Thursday, 4/27/00

 6 pm - Hospitality opens in Suite 405 
      - Registration opens in Conference Foyer, below hotel lobby 

 8 pm - Henry Spencer - Intro to Space and Ongoing Controversies 

 9 pm - Dave Salt - The Year in European Space

 late - Hospitality closes - go get some sleep!

Friday, 4/28/00 

 9 am - Henry Vanderbilt - Welcome, and Situation Report

 9:05 - Bob Feconda, OSC - X-34 Report, OSC STAS Conclusions 

 9:50 - Mitchell Burnside Clapp - Pioneer Rocketplane 

10:35 - break 

11:05 - Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace (possible hardware demo) 

11:50 - NASA Future-X - Current and Potential Future "Pathfinder" 

12:35 - Lunch break, on-your-own 

 2 pm - Mike Wade, Space Access LLC

 2:45 - Gary Hudson, Rotary Rocket Company

 3:30 - break

 4:00 - Panel: What Should The Government Do?  Andrews, Cormier, 
        Greason, Miller, Vanderbilt (moderator)

 4:50 - Dana/Jason Andrews, Andrews Space & Technology 

 5:35 - Michael Wallis, Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society 

 6:05 - Dinner break, on-your-own

 8 pm - Charles Miller, CSI - Market Economics of On-Orbit Satellite

 8:45 - Mitchell Burnside Clapp - Optimizing Trajectories For Lower-
        Isp Launch Vehicles 

 late - Elaine Walker Mullen's space stylings, in Hospitality 

later - Hospitality closes 

Saturday, 4/29/00 

 9 am - Panel: The Current RLV Investment Climate - Now What?  Clapp, 
        Fleming, Hudson, Kyger, Pistritto, Vanderbilt (moderator) 

 9:50 - Jordin Kare - Laser Launch: A Near-Term Approach 

10:35 - XCOR Aerospace, possible hardware demo 

10:40 - break

11:10 - Jim Ransom, Ransom Systems Engineering - Lean Development: 
        Doing Better Faster Cheaper Right 

11:55 - Bill Gaubatz, USL  

12:40 - Lunch break, on-your-own

 2 pm - Tim Kyger, Universal Space Network

 2:40 - Leik Myrabo, RPI - Laser Launch, Laser Lightsail, MHD 
        Slipstream Accelerator 

 3:30 - break

 4:00 - Len Cormier, MMI - Millenium Express TSTO, XVan 2001 X-Prize 

 4:45 - Mark Blair, Australian Space Research Institute, AUSROC

 5:25 - Bob Ray, TGV Rockets 

 6:05 - Dinner break, on-your-own

 8 pm - Kelly Space & Technology 

 8:45 - Wrapup Panel - The Usual Suspects 

 9:30 - Ask The Executive Director 

 late - Elaine Walker Mullen's space stylings, in Hospitality 

much, much later - Hospitality closes, Space Access 2000 ends - See 
                   You Next Year!