Space Access '01 Schedule and Notes, Wednesday 4/25/01 

First, a couple of notes.  As of this morning, our hotel, the Holiday 
Inn Old Town in Scottsdale Arizona, reports having rooms available on 
all three nights of our conference.  If you haven't already, reserve 
now!  800 695-6995 or 480 994-9203, try mentioning "space access" for 
our $72 rate, though it's no longer guaranteed. 

The weather for our weekend looks like once again being on the warm 
end of the range for this time of year hereabouts - mid-sixties late 
nights, mid-nineties by midafternoon, clear skies and extremely low 
humidity.  Sunscreen and/or big hats and long sleeves strongly 
recommended if you're going for a hike while the sun's high, and don't 
forget your swimsuit if you want to take advantage of the hotel pool. 

Conference style, if we haven't already mentioned it, is casual - 
shirt and slacks are typical, though jacket and tie are OK too if you 
(or your organization) prefer - either way is fine by us.  Also, if we 
haven't already mentioned it, we do no formal meal functions - we've 
found it much more productive over the years to make sure we have a 
site with plenty of decent restaurants nearby, then let people make 
their own arrangements to head off, trade info, and make deals.  

The schedule that follows is as close to final as we can get it - any 
participant who sees that we've nevertheless somehow scheduled them, 
say, an hour before their flight leaves, please contact us ASAP and 
we'll work something out.  Any further changes will be announced at 
the conference. 

Thursday evening, April 26th

 - 6:30 pm - Registration opens in lower ballroom lobby 

 - 7:30 pm - (Possibly earlier) Hospitality suite opens, Room 405 

 - 8:00 pm - Thursday Evening Sessions begin in main ballroom

    Henry Spencer, "Space Basics & Recurring Controversies" 

    Jeff Greason (XCOR), "Space Basics, An Airframer's Perspective" 

    Dave Salt, "European Reusable Launch Developments" 

Friday, April 27th

 8:00 am - Hospitality & Registration open 

 9:00 Welcome - Henry Vanderbilt, SAS 

 9:10 Dana Andrews, Andrews Space & Technology 

 9:50 Michael Wallis, Randall Clague, Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society 

10:30 break

11:00 John Carmack, on an amateur VTVL rocket testbed project 

11:40 Jess Sponable, Universal Space Lines 

12:20 midday break 

 2:00 pm - Gary Hudson, HMX Inc

 2:40 Bob Conger, Microcosm 

 3:20 break 

 3:50 XCOR Bipropellant Rocket Motor Live Fire Demo 

 4:00 Gerald A Smith, "Antimatter Propulsion: Concepts, Missions 
      and Systems for Space and Atmospheric Flight" 

 4:40 Panel, The New FAA AST Regulations & RLV Flight Test 
      Randall Clague, Mitch Clapp, Jeff Greason, Gary Hudson

 5:30 G.David Nordley, on low cost launch in fiction  
 6:10 evening break 

 8:30 pm - Geoffrey Landis surveys future advanced launch technologies 

 9:10 Panel: Advanced Launch Technologies - After Reusable Rockets, What Next? 
      Mitch Clapp, Rick Cook, Doug Jones, Geoffrey Landis, Henry Spencer

Saturday, April 28th

8:00 am - Hospitality & Registration open 

9:00 Leik Myrabo, RPI/Lightcraft Technologies, on beamed-power propulsion 

9:50 Ed Wright, Experimental Rocket Racing Association 

10:30 break

11:00 Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Pioneer Rocketplane

11:40 Panel, The Low-Cost Launch Investment Environment 
      Gary Hudson, Joe Pistritto, Richard Pournelle, Henry Vanderbilt 

12:30 midday break - Registration closes after break

 2:00 pm - Reaction Engines Ltd - Roger Longstaff, "The SABRE Engine & Skylon" 

 2:40 Jim Ransom, on the case for intra-governmental competition 

 3:20 break

 3:50 XCOR Bipropellant Rocket Motor Live Fire Demo

 4:00 Dan DeLong, XCOR Aerospace

 4:40 Pat Bahn, TGV Rockets 

 5:20 Panel, The Low Cost Launch Political Environment 
      Henry Vanderbilt, Ben Muniz, others tba 

 6:10 evening break

 8:30 John Hare, Near Space Transport Inc 

 9:10 Panel, our traditional ad hoc wrapup discussion
      featuring The Usual Suspects

 late - Hospitality closes.  See you next year!