Space Access Society's Space Access '02 Conference

                 April 25-27, 2002, in Phoenix Arizona

                           (Updated 4/22/02) 
Make your arrangements ASAP to attend our tenth annual conference on 
the business, politics, and technology of radically cheaper space 
transportation, Space Access '02, Thursday evening April 25th through 
Saturday night April 27th 2002, at the Quality Inn South Mountain in 
Phoenix, Arizona, ten minutes from the Phoenix airport. 

Our conference will once again be a cross-section of the emerging low-
cost launch industry, presenting an informal snapshot of just how 
interesting times are this spring of 2002. (Be there or miss out - 
part of our relaxed atmosphere and up-to-the-second inside information 
is that we don't ask for formal papers and we don't do proceedings.) 

Our hotel, the Quality Inn South Mountain, Phoenix Arizona, is around 
80% full, but they still have rooms for all three nights of our 
conference, and they've agreed to honor our $65 "space access" rate as 
long as they have rooms.  Reserve now if you haven't yet; (800) 562-
3332 or (480) 893-3900. 

Road directions: Take I-10 east from the airport to Elliot Rd (exit 
157), turn right at the top of the ramp, take your first right at 51st 
St, take your first right at La Puente, and you're there. 
The weather for our dates looks like being typical for this time of 
year hereabouts - high eighties to low nineties by midafternoon, late 
night lows in the sixties, clear skies and extremely low humidity.  
Sunscreen and/or big hats and long sleeves strongly recommended if 
you're going for a walk while the sun's high, and don't forget your 
swimsuit if you want to take advantage of the hotel pool. 

Conference style, if we haven't already mentioned it, is casual - 
shirt and slacks are typical, though jacket and tie are OK too if you 
(or your organization) prefer - either way is fine by us.  Also, if we 
haven't already mentioned it, we do no formal meal functions - we've 
found it much more productive over the years to make sure we have a 
site with a number of decent restaurants nearby, then let people make 
their own arrangements to head off, trade info, and make deals.  

At-the-door registrants, be advised that alas, we are not set up to 
process credit cards.  We'll gladly accept company or personal checks, 
and cash is of course always welcome - there's a bank with ATMs right 
across the parking lot from our hotel lobby.  Our apologies in advance 
for any inconvenience. 

Preregistrations must arrive by Wednesday April 24th to assure being 
processed in time. 

The schedule that follows is as close to final as we can get it - any 
participant who sees that we've nevertheless somehow scheduled them, 
say, an hour before their flight arrives, please contact us ASAP at 
(602) 431-9283 or and we'll fix it.

Thursday evening, April 25th 

 6:30 pm - Registration opens, at ballroom entrance 

 6:30 pm - (or thereabouts) Hospitality suite opens, Room 234

 8:00 pm - Thursday Evening Sessions begin in main ballroom 

    Henry Spencer, on Orbits & Approaches - Where We're Going, And 
    Some Thoughts On How To Get There

    Dave Salt, on European Space Launch Developments

 Hospitality open till late

Friday, April 26th 

 8:00 am - Hospitality & Registration open 

 9:00 Welcome - Henry Vanderbilt, SAS 

 9:10 Michael Wallis, Randall Clague, Dave Masten - Experimental 
      Rocket Propulsion Society 

 9:50 Mitch Clapp, Pioneer Rocketplane

10:30 break 

11:00 John Carmack, Armadillo Aerospace

11:40 Test & Evaluation Department, NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center, 
      on MSFC Test Capabilities Availability to Industry

12:20 midday break 

 2:00 John Powell, JP Aerospace

 2:40 Roderick and Randa Milliron, Interorbital Systems/Translunar 

 3:20 break 

 3:50 Richard Pournelle, on Potential Fast-Developing New Markets

 4:30 Panel: Regulatory Aspects - John Carmack (Armadillo), Randall 
      Clague (ERPS), Mitch Clapp (Pioneer), Joe Hawkins (FAA AST)

 5:30 evening break 

 8:00 Nielsen Engineering & Research, on Computer Analysis Capabilities
      and Some Recent Applications

 8:40 G.David Nordley, on Multiple Missions With Stored Tether Orbit Energy

 9:10 Jordin Kare, on An Extremely High-Energy Laser-Kinetic Propulsion

 9:40 Panel: Potential New Low-Cost Launch Markets - Mitch Clapp (Pioneer),
      Rich Pournelle (XCOR), Joe Hopkins (Andrews), Jeff Kline (Spectrum Astro) 

 Hospitality open till late

Saturday, April 27th 

 8:00 am - Hospitality & Registration open 

 9:00 Mike Wade, Space Access LLC

 9:40 Joe Hopkins, Andrews Space & Technology

10:20 break 

10:50 Panel: Cheap Access Politics - Rick Tumlinson (SFF), Henry 
      Vanderbilt (SAS), others TBA

11:40 Pat Bahn, TGV Rockets

12:20 midday break - Registration closes after break - last chance for
      $80 SA'03 preregistration!

 2:00 Dan DeLong and Aleta Jackson, XCOR Aerospace

 2:40 Dr Gerald A Smith, Positronics Research LLC, on Antimatter Propulsion

 3:20 break 

 3:50 Panel: The Low-Cost Launch Investment Environment - Stephen Fleming,
      Paul Hans, Joe Pistritto, others TBA

 4:50 Ed Wright, X-Rocket LLC

 5:30 evening break 

 8:00 Dave Salt, on Assessing Reusable Launcher Concepts

 8:40 Jordin Kare, on Recent Advances In Solid-State Lasers,
      and on Mockingbird 

 9:40 Elaine Walker, of NSSNYC and Zia, sings

 late - Hospitality closes.  See you next year! 

Space Access '02 registration is $100 in advance (advance 
registrations have to reach us by Wednesday the 24th), $120 at the 
door, $10 off for SAS members. Day rates and $30 Student rate at the 
door only.  One year's SAS membership is $30  (please include your 
email address for Updates). Mail checks to: 

Space Access Society, 4855 E Warner Rd #24-150, Phoenix AZ 85044.