Space Access Society
                      Space Access '03 Conference
               April 24-26, 2003, in Scottsdale Arizona

Book your flights and rooms now - it's just one week till Space Access 
Society's eleventh annual conference on the business, politics, and 
technology of radically cheaper access to space, Space Access '03, 
Thursday evening April 24th through Saturday night April 26th, 2003, 
at the Old Town Hotel & Conference Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Our conference will once again be a cross-section of who's who in the 
emerging low-cost launch industry, presenting an informal snapshot of 
where things are this spring of 2003.  Be there or miss out - part of 
our relaxed atmosphere and up-to-the-second inside information is that 
we don't ask for formal papers and we don't do proceedings.

Confirmed presentations:

 Brian "Rocket Guy" Walker, on Plans & Progress
 Dave Salt, "Small RLVs And On-Orbit Assembly: The Business Case Revisited"
 Ed Wright, X-Rocket LLC
 Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society
 George Herbert, Retro Aerospace, "Orbital Space Plain: Low-Cost Approach To OSP" 
 Henry Spencer, "Orbits and Approaches" plus a short special presentation Saturday
 Henry Vanderbilt, SAS, "Markets & Finance Open Forum" and "Interesting Projects"
 Jeff Greason, XCOR, "Reusable Rocket Design Considerations & Tradeoffs"
 Jess Sponable, AFRL, "Military Spaceplane Technology & Planning" 
 John Carmack, Armadillo Aerospace 
 John M Jurist PhD, CRM Inc, "Biomedical Aspects Of Commercial Suborbital Flight"
 Jonathan Goff, "Brief Report On A Work In Progress: Pintle Injector Product Design Generator"
 Jordin Kare, "Laser Launch - A Quick Review Of The Field"and "An Economic Approach"
 Laurie Wiggins, TOSPACE Company Inc, "TOSPACE Launch Requirements"
 Len Cormier, "Bear Cub"  
 Pat Bahn, TGV Rockets
 Pat Kelley, Vela Technology, on Low Wing-Loading Launch Assist
 Peter Diamandis, X-Prize
 Wes Kelly, Triton Systems, "The Stellar J: Should You Build Your Own 
             Orbital Space Plane - Observations On A Slippery Slope" 
 XCOR Aerospace, "Xerus Spaceplane & Other Developments"

   Panel Discussions:

 Reusable Launch Regulatory Considerations & Developments 
 - Randall Clague (XCOR), Jay Garvin (FAA AST), Neil Milburn (Armadillo), 
   Michelle Murray (FAA AST), Brian Walker

 NASA And Orbital Space Plane: Revolution, Evolution, Or Business As Usual?
 - George Herbert, Rand Simberg, Henry Vanderbilt, others TBA

 Cheap Access Politics: DC Doings And Activism's Role
 - Pat Bahn (Suborbital Institute), Frank Sietzen (Space Transportation
   Association), Henry Vanderbilt (SAS), others TBA

 Reentry & Risks: Technical Lessons From The Loss Of Columbia
 - Jeff Greason, Henry Spencer, Wes Kelly, others TBA 

We may yet add one or two talks.  (Speakers with specific scheduling 
requirements, please contact us.) 

Our hotel this year is the Old Town Hotel & Conference Center in 
Scottsdale Arizona, fifteen minutes from the Phoenix airport by cab or 
"Super Shuttle" van, 7353 E Indian School Road, in the heart of 
downtown Scottsdale's restaurant and upscale shopping district. This 
comfortable resort hotel has modem jacks and coffeemakers in every 
room, and a free full American breakfast daily for registered hotel 
guests.  Our conference rate is $74.00 per night, single or double, 
plus tax, mention "space access" for the rate when you reserve your 
room. Book ASAP, the hotel is filling up fast.  For reservations call 
(800) 695-6995 or (480) 994-9203.  

Space Access '03 hospitality and registration will open as soon as 
possible  after 6 pm Thursday, April 24th, 2003.  Thursday evening 
sessions will begin 7:30 pm in the main ballroom.  Sessions will run 9 
am to 10 pm Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th, with half-hour 
breaks midmorning and midafternoon plus longer (on your own) lunch and 
dinner breaks.  (There are over forty restaurants within 1/4 mile of 
the hotel.)  

LOCATION CHANGE: Conference Registration will be in the main hotel 
lobby, and our reknowned Space Access Hospitality lounge will be in 
rooms 164 and 165, to make room for a wedding in the other end of the 
hotel. (Badges will be encouraged if not required in Hospitality.)  
Both will be open 8 am Friday and Saturday.  Hospitality stays open 
till late all nights. 

Space Access '03 registration is $100 in advance, $120 at the door, 
$10 off for SAS members.  Advance registrations must be received by 
Wednesday April 23rd.  Day rates and $30 Student rate at the door 
only.  Cash or checks only at the door (sorry, no credit cards).  One 
year's SAS membership is $30, please include your email address for 
Updates.  Mail checks to: 

   Space Access Society, 4855 E Warner Rd #24-150, Phoenix AZ 85044.

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