Space Access '03 Conference Schedule as of 4/22/03 
    SA'03, April 24-26 at the Old Town Hotel in Scottsdale Arizona 

Rooms are still available at our $74 "Space Access" rate, call 800 
695-6995 for reservations.  SA'03 registration is $120 at the door, 
student rate $30, cash or check only, day rates available. See for more details. 

Any speakers who we've scheduled at an impossible time, please contact 
us ASAP.  Speakers should plan to make their main points in the first 
two-thirds or so of their timeslot to leave time for audience Q&A.  We 
apologize for the tight scheduling, but it is necessary in order to 
maintain a single-track program.  We will have a video projector with 
VGA input, an overhead viewfoil projector, and a VHS VCR. 

Local weather through the conference and beyond is forecast to be 
sunny, dry, and mid-eighties, overnight lows around sixty. 

Thursday Evening, April 24th

 6:00 pm   Hospitality opens in Rooms 164 & 165, Registration opens in 
           the main hotel lobby. 

 7:30 pm   Thursday evening extended backgrounder sessions: 

           Jeff Greason, XCOR, "Reusable Rocket Design Considerations 
           & Tradeoffs" 

           Henry Spencer, "Orbits and Approaches"

  late     Hospitality closes 

Friday, April 25th 

 8:00 am   Hospitality and Registration open

 8:45 am   Main sessions start - brief welcome by SAS Executive 
           Director Henry Vanderbilt 

 8:50 am   X-Prize, Peter Diamandis 

 9:20 am   XCOR Aerospace, Dan Delong and Aleta Jackson, "Xerus 
           Spaceplane & Other Developments" 

10:00 am   midmorning break

10:30 am   Armadillo Aerospace, John Carmack 

11:10 am   Jordin Kare, "Laser Launch - A Quick Review Of The Current 
           Field"and "An Economic Approach To Laser Launch" 

12:00 noon Jonathan Goff, "Brief Report On A Work In Progress: Pintle 
           Injector Product Design Generator" 

12:15 pm   lunch break

 2:00 pm   Henry Vanderbilt, "Interesting Projects" - a quick review 
           of some interesting projects whose principals couldn't make 
           it this year.  Rutan (with rollout video), Andrews, SpaceX, 
           Space Launch "RASCAL". 

 2:30 pm   Jess Sponable, Air Force Research Labs, "Military          
           Spaceplane Technology & Planning" 

 3:10 pm   SpaceDev, Jim Benson 
 3:50 pm   midafternoon break 

 4:20 pm   Len Cormier, "Bear Cub" 

 5:00 pm   Reentry & Risks: Technical Lessons From The Loss Of 
           Columbia And Alternate Approaches 
           - Jeff Greason, Henry Spencer, Wes Kelly, others TBA 

 5:50 pm   dinner break 

 8:00 pm   Ed Wright, X-Rocket LLC 
 8:40 pm   Wes Kelly, Triton Systems, "The Stellar J: Should You 
           Build Your Own Orbital Space Plane - Observations On A 
           Slippery Slope" 

 9:10 pm   Zero-G Corp, Peter Diamandis 

 9:40 pm   TOSPACE Company Inc,  Laurie Wiggins, "TOSPACE Launch 

  late     Hospitality closes 

Saturday, April 26th 

 8:00 am   Hospitality and Registration open 

 8:45 am   brief welcome and announcements 

 8:50 am   John M Jurist PhD, CRM Inc, "Biomedical Aspects Of 
           Commercial Suborbital Flight" 

 9:30 am   Brian "Rocket Guy" Walker, on Plans & Progress 

10:10 am   midmorning break

10:40 am   Reusable Launch Regulatory Considerations & Developments:
           How The Process Works And Where It's Heading 
           - Randall Clague (XCOR), Jay Garvin (FAA AST), Neil Milburn 
           (Armadillo), Michelle Murray (FAA AST), Brian Walker 

11:30 am   Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society, Progress & Plans

12:10 pm   Henry Spencer with a special presentation

12:20 pm   lunch break

 2:00 pm   Pat Kelley, Vela Technology, "Low Wing-Loading Launch 

 2:40 pm   Pat Bahn, TGV Rockets 

 3:20 pm   George Herbert, Retro Aerospace, "Orbital Space Plain: A 
           Low-Cost Approach To The OSP Requirement" 

 3:50 pm   midafternoon break

 4:20 pm   Dave Salt, "Small RLVs And On-Orbit Assembly: The Business 
           Case Revisited" 

 5:00 pm   NASA And Orbital Space Plane: Revolution, Evolution, Or 
           Business As Usual? 
           - George Herbert, Rand Simberg, Henry Vanderbilt, others TBA 

 5:50 pm   dinner break

 8:00 pm   Flometrics Inc, Steve Harrington, "Pistonless Dual Chamber 
           Rocket Fuel Pump" 

 8:30 pm   Pat Bahn, The Suborbital Institute
 8:45 pm   Discussion Sessions: Cheap Access Politics, Markets, 
           Finance - Statements From The Floor (two minutes max)
           And Responses.  We don't have much clue this year who has 
           good new ideas in these areas, so putting together panels 
           was tough.  Polish your points down to the essentials ahead 
           of time, here's your chance to present them to the 
           conference and see what people think. 
           - moderator, Henry Vanderbilt 

  late     Hospitality closes - see you next year!