Space Access Society
                          Space Access '04 Conference
                     April 22-24, 2004, in Phoenix Arizona

Make your arrangements ASAP to attend Space Access Society's twelfth annual 
conference on the business, politics, and technology of radically cheaper 
space transportation, Space Access '04, Thursday afternoon April 22nd through 
Saturday night April 24th, 2004, at the Ramada Hotel in downtown Phoenix 
Arizona.  The conference is less than two weeks away, airfares will only cost 
more if you wait, and rooms at our hotel and in the immediate area are getting 
hard to come by. 

 - Hotel 

Our hotel this year is the AAA "Three Diamond" rated Ramada Hotel Phoenix-
Downtown, 401 N 1st st, free parking, four miles from the Phoenix airport, 
right in the heart of the downtown convention/sports/nightlife district.  Our 
conference hotel room rate is $79.00 per night single or double, plus tax, 
rate good for three days before and after the conference on a space-available 
basis, mention "space access" for the rate when you reserve your room. For 
reservations call (602) 258-3411. 

Latest Hotel Info, 4/9/04 - our conference hotel, the Ramada Phoenix-Downtown, 
is sold out for Thursday April 22nd, with only a handful of rooms left Friday 
the 23rd, and good availability Saturday the 24th.  Unfortunately, downtown 
Phoenix in general is like that; there's a big do at the Convention Center 
winding up Friday.  Rooms within an easy walk of our conference are generally 
either expensive or unavailable Thursday - but there's always a way. 
We have a backup arrangement with a hotel a mile and a half north of the 
Ramada, the Wingate Inn, 2520 N Central, 602 716-9900, with a AAA rate of $98 
for Thursday.  The Wingate has a free airport shuttle (call from the airport) 
and free by-arrangement shuttle service within a five-mile radius, plus a free 
continental breakfast.  

What we recommend is that you book what nights you can at the Ramada - our $79 
rate is good through the conference - then call the Wingate (or another hotel 
of your choice, of course) for the remaining nights.  And don't forget to 
check back with the Ramada as the conference nears - cancellations happen and 
rooms do open up; you could end up not commuting after all. 

 - Agenda 

Our conference will once again be a cross-section of who's who in the emerging 
low-cost launch industry, presenting an informal snapshot of where things are 
this spring of 2004.  The current speakers list: 

Pat Bahn, TGV Rockets
 - Update From Oklahoma, or Propulsion On The Plains
 - The Suborbital Institute 

John Carmack, Armadillo Aerospace 

Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Pioneer Rocketplane 

Len Cormier, PanAero 
 - Space Van 2008

Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society


Jeff Greason of XCOR 
 - An Informal Workshop On The FAA AST License Process

John Hare
 - Minimum Requirements For Useful Airbreathing Propulsion
   And A Possible Approach

George William Herbert, Retro Aerospace
 - You're Going To Burn It Anyway: Expendable Bulk Cargo Lift
 - Orbital Space, Plain: Crewed Utility Vehicle

Jim Muncy, PoliSpace
 - HR 3752 

Leik Myrabo, Professor at RPI & CEO Lightcraft Technologies 
 - Beamed Energy Propulsion Survey
 - Update On The Lightcraft Project

Jerry Pournelle
 - X Projects: How Government Can Help, Not Harm 

John Powell, JP Aerospace 

Brant Sponberg, Program Manager, NASA Office Of Exploration Systems
 - Introduction To NASA's Centennial Challenges Program

Barbara Thompson, Project Scientist, Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA GSFC
 - Space Weather, Conditions And Forecasting 

Rick Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation 

Brian "Rocket Guy" Walker 

Henry Spencer
 - Various Subjects Of His Choosing
 - A Survey Of Potential Launch Sites

Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Society
 - Industry News & Updates 

Laurie Wiggins, ToSpace

Dennis Wingo, Orbital Recovery Corp

XCOR Aerospace


and also panel discussions on, among other things: 
 - Commercial Reusable Launch Regulation
 - Liability & Insurance Issues For Commercial Suborbital Operations 
 - Where Do We Go From Here?  Politics/Prizes/Moon-Mars Initiative 

Be here or miss out - a big part of our relaxed atmosphere and up-to-the-
minute inside information is that we don't ask for formal papers.  Alas, this 
also means we don't do conference proceedings; the time and expense would be 
prohibitive.  So be here! 

Watch our web site,, for updates on the conference 
and the detailed agenda. 

Space Access '04 sessions are in the Ramada's 250-seat Arizona Ballroom.  
Sessions will run 2-10 pm Thursday April 22nd, then all day and evening Friday 
the 23rd and Saturday the 24th, with breaks midmorning and midafternoon plus 
longer breaks for (on your own) lunch and dinner. 

Registration (in the Ramada lobby) and our reknowned Space Access Hospitality 
lounge (in the Marilyn Monroe Suite, 4th floor, across the pool courtyard from 
the lobby) will be open by 8 am Friday and Saturday.  Hospitality stays open 
till late all nights. 

Space Access '04 registration is $100 in advance, $120 at the door, $10 off 
these rates for SAS members.  $30 Student rate.  Day rates at the door only.  
One year's SAS membership is $30, please include your email address for 
Updates.  Mail checks and registration form to: 

Space Access Society (SA'04), 4855 E Warner Rd #24-150, Phoenix AZ 85044. 

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