Space Access '06
                      April 20-22, Phoenix Arizona 
                         Conference Information 

This is our final mailing on the Space Access conference getting 
underway this Thursday in Phoenix, with useful last-second info plus the 
definitive conference agenda (subject only to on-site changes needed.)

Quick notes:

 - Space Access conference style ranges between casual and business 
casual.  The forecast for our dates is sunny, breezy, and dry, afternoon 
highs in the high eighties to low nineties, overnight lows high sixties 
to low seventies.  Bring your swimsuit and sunblock, and a hat isn't a 
bad idea either if you plan any long walks in the sun. 

 - Speaker info:  If you have a computer presentation, we'll have a 
video projector with sound to plug your laptop in to, native resolution 
1024x768 and it can fake moderately higher resolutions.  We'll also have 
a DVD player, a VHS VCR, and a viewgraph projector.  Talk to our A/V 
volunteer ahead of time if you have any questions.  

 - Hotel Details: The Grace Inn address is 10831 S 51st St, Phoenix 
Arizona, and its local phone is 480 893-3000.  The Grace has wireless 
internet coverage in the public spaces with some coverage in the lower 
floors.  Other than that, they tell us some rooms have wired net access 
and some don't - call them or ask at the desk. 

 - Getting there: The Grace Inn is a bit under ten miles from the 
Phoenix Airport, depending on the route.  They have a free airport 
shuttle available from 6 am to 10 pm, by request rather than on a 
regular circuit - call the hotel at 480 893-3000 to make arrangements 
once you're in the airport.  If you're in a hurry or if you have one or 
two other people to travel with, a cab isn't a bad deal either. 

 - Driving there: Elliot Road is at I-10 exit 157, about twelve miles 
east of downtown Phoenix.  From I-10 east, take the Elliot Road offramp, 
turn right at the top of the ramp onto Elliot, take the first left onto 
51st st, take the immediate next left off 51st, drive a hundred yards, 
and you're there. 

 - Rooms: Latest word is our hotel is sold out for the nights of our 
conference.  If you don't yet have a room, it's still worth calling to 
see if something has opened up (keep in mind the Grace Inn's 
cancellation policy is 72 hours notice; if you are unable to come, be 
sure to cancel in time so you don't get charged, and to free the room up 
for someone else.)  Call 1 800 843-6010 for room reservations, and 
mention "space access" for our $99 taxes-and-breakfast-included rate. 

 - By far the most convenient overflow hotel is the Clarion, right 
across Elliot Rd, a short walk away.  (Old hands may recognize the 
Clarion; it used to be the Quality Inn South Mountain, where we held 
Space Access a couple of times earlier in the decade.)  The Clarion is 
at 5121 E La Puente, 480 893-3900 for reservations. 

Final Conference Agenda

(Subject to change in emergency - speakers who hit a travel snag or 
otherwise can't make your scheduled time, contact us ASAP via email to, or after Wednesday at the hotel direct 
via 602 432-5022 and we'll try to figure out a way to fix it.) 

Thursday April 20th

  1 pm - Registration and Hospitality open (we may have them open as 
         early as noon, depending on how setup goes, but no guarantees.)
  2 pm - Space Access '06 sessions open with a brief welcome
  2:10 - Henry Spencer with a survey of Space Access Basics.  Interested 
         in this field, but not sure what all the Isp's and delta-V's 
         mean?  Catch this session. 
  3:30 - midafternoon break
  4 pm - George Herbert, Venturer Aerospace: One Approach To COTS 
  4:40 - Andrew Turner, Space Systems-Loral: Trading Off Reliability And 
         Cost - A Different Approach 
  5:20 - Sam Dinkin, SpaceShot Inc
  6 pm - break for dinner
  8 pm - Leik Myrabo: Beamed Energy Propulsion Prospects And Projects 
  8:40 - Andrew Tubbiolo, Old Pueblo Instruments: New Entrant In The Biz 
  9:00 - Alex Bruccoleri: Microwave Thermal Rocketry at Caltech, and 
         Collegiate Rocketry Regulations - Two Brief Reports 
  late - Hospitality closes

Friday April 21st

  8 am - Registration and Hospitality open
  9 am - Jess Sponable, FALCON Program Chief Engineer, AFRL/VA, Wright 
         Patterson AFB: FALCON Quick Reach Project 
  9:40 - Secretary Rick Homans, New Mexico Economic Development, New 
         Mexico Spaceport
 10:20 - midmorning break 
 10:50 - John Carmack & Co, Armadillo Aerospace 
 11:30 - Chuck Lauer, Rocketplane-Kistler
 12:10 - Special Announcement, from the new Teachers In Space initiative
 12:20 - break for lunch
  2 pm - Jeff Hamilton, Marshall Space Flight Center
  2:40 - Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace
  3:20 - midafternoon break
  4 pm - George Nield, FAA AST
  4:40 - Dave Masten, Masten Space
  5:20 - Barbara Thompson, Goddard Space Flight Center: Space Weather - 
         Situational Awareness For Commercial Operators 
  6 pm - break for dinner
  8 pm - Jerry Pournelle
  8:40 - Timothy Bendel, Frontier Astronautics 
  9:10 - Reda Anderson: A Customer's Perspective 
  9:30 - Panel: Common Economic Fallacies - Sam Dinkin, Kevin Greene,
         Joan Horvath, Joe Pistritto, Rand Simberg
  late - Hospitality closes

Saturday April 22nd

  8 am - Registration and Hospitality open
  9 am - Steve Harrington, Flometrics
  9:40 - Panel: Alt.Space Investing: From Leaps Of Faith Toward Solid 
         Metrics - Esther Dyson, Stephen Fleming, Joe Pistritto 
 10:30 - midmorning break
 11 am - Len Cormier, PanAero 
 11:40 - Mike Kelly, Personal Spaceflight Federation
 12:20 - break for lunch
  2 pm - Will Pomerantz, X-Prize Cup/Lunar Lander Challenge
  2:40 - Brant Sponberg, Centennial Challenges, NASA HQ: Commercial 
         Opportunities In The VSE 
  3:30 - midafternoon break
  4 pm - Pat Bahn, TGV Rockets 
  4:40 - Berin Szoka, Institute For Space Law & Policy: The National 
         Security Case For Space ITAR Reform 
  5:10 - Panel: ALL The Regs, From Local Zoning To International Tech 
         Transfer - Randall Clague, Jim Muncy, Berin Szoka, TBA 
  6 pm - break for dinner
  8 pm - Jim Muncy, PoliSpace, on various subjects
  8:40 - Panel: Policies & Politics, Where To Next?
         Jim Muncy, Rick Tumlinson, Lee Valentine, TBA
  9:30 - Conference Wrapup with The Usual Suspects
  late - Hospitality closes
Space Access '06 registration once again holds steady at $120 at the 
door, $10 off for anyone who's ever been a paid SAS member, $30 Student 
rate, no member discount.  Day rates available.  We'll be accepting 
credit cards, checks, or cash at the door.  (If you haven't already sent 
your preregistration, might as well pay at the door - it'd have to be 
at our mailbox tomorrow Wednesday the 19th, and the difference won't 
cover the cost of overnighting it.) 

See you there!